Stay Connected While You Social Distance With Satellite Internet

As COVID-19 continues to spread, people all over the world are forced to hunker down and stay away from their loved ones. For some people, quarantine involves total self-isolation. For others, it means they can interact only with people under the same roof. Either way, it cuts people off from friends and family, and it can be lonely. 

The more physically distant we become from our inner circle, the more important it becomes to connect with our loved ones digitally—since that’s the only way we can safely stay close to one another.

Here are three tips to help you stay connected with your loved ones during the COVID-19 quarantine.

1. Make sure your internet connection is solid

Your internet connection will be your lifeline to the outside world while you social distance, so it’s important that it’s strong and clear. If you live somewhere where a cable line isn’t available to you, don’t worry: you can still stay connected and plugged in. Viasat internet provides service to many remote or rural areas. 

If your internet connection is buggy, test your internet speed to see if there are any problems. If your internet connection is weaker in parts of your home where you now need a strong connection, consider moving your router to accommodate your new work or play space. For good measure, consider unplugging your modem and router every so often to give it a quick reset. 

Of course it’s important that your internet connection is reliable so you can effectively work from home and stay informed on coronavirus updates. But it’s equally important that your internet connection is strong so you can stay connected to your loved ones from afar.

2. Use video sharing apps and social media

Since we can’t meet up face-to-face during quarantine, lean into video sharing apps instead. Rally your family to get on Marco Polo, record TikTok videos to send to your friends, and host video stream parties on Zoom. Video check-ins will help you feel connected and they won’t pose any risk to you or your loved ones.

Now that you have extra free time, dig into your favorite video streaming platforms—without feeling guilty about it. Watch your favorite cooking videos on YouTube or go down a videography rabbit hole on Vimeo. Now’s the time to learn how to juggle, get in shape, or tackle at-home bucket list items. 

Quarantine is also a great time to connect with people through social media. See what your Instagram friends are doing to survive quarantine, or hop on Twitter to stay in the loop on what’s happening around the world.

3. Play online games with people

Online video games aren’t just for gamers. During quarantine, they provide a way for people to hang out and engage in activities together. The good news is, if you’re into trivia games but your family or friends are into card games, there are plenty of digital games to choose from.

If you’re not into Call of Duty or Halo, you can play anything from Cards Against Humanity and Uno to Texas Hold ‘em to JackBox online with your friends. Pair your gaming date with a video hangout, and you and your friends can see each other and interact via video while you play too.

Keep yourself connected—and safe

The internet gives us an opportunity to connect with our loved ones online during the coronavirus quarantine. Keep up on your friends’ lives by checking in with them via video sharing app, watch a movie with your family via Netflix hangout, or play a virtual game with your coworkers in lieu of an in-person game night. 

Remember: your TV, laptop, and phone usage will likely skyrocket during this time—and that’s okay! You’re doing your part to stave off the spread of coronavirus.

Stay in the loop on Center for Disease Control updates on how to continue to stay safe and healthy—stay connected with your loved ones online to stay sane.

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