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Viasat satellite internet reaches hard-to-reach homes

Bye bye, dial-up. Satellite internet speeds support your hobbies and household.

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What is satellite internet?

Unlike traditional internet services, which carry signals via underground wiring, satellite internet service sends internet signals using satellites orbiting Earth.

Because satellite internet can beam signal anywhere on the planet, it’s one of the more common options for rural homes. Far from a last resort, home satellite internet today brings you the same reliable internet you get from high-speed internet options in more cosmopolitan areas.


How Viasat internet erases the line that separates you from reliable internet access

  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps far outstrip dial-up and even DSL
  • Unlimited data plans remove the stress of overage charges
  • Widely available in the US and continually adding service to new coverage areas

What satellite internet speed is right for me?

Even Viasat’s lower speed tiers give you faster speeds than dial-up, so you can graduate to a modern way of using your internet service. Stop staring at slow-loading screens, or ruling out certain activities altogether, and start doing what you love online.

12 Mbps
Ideal for 1–2 devices

Best for checking email, banking, and online shopping

25 Mbps
Ideal for 2–3 devices

Best for video chat, telecommuting, and streaming in standard definition

50 Mbps
Ideal for 3–5 devices

Best for video conferencing, HD streaming, and using several devices at once

100 Mbps
Ideal for 6+ devices

Best for using computers, phones, and smart home devices simultaneously

See Viasat satellite internet plans in your area


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Viasat unlimited internet vs. Liberty plans

Unlimited data plans

Satellite internet and unlimited data now go hand in hand. Viasat unlimited data packages deliver faster speeds and relieve some of that pressure to watch your data use closely.

  • Plans range from 12 Mbps max to 100 Mbps max until you use recommended data amount
  • No overage charges for using more data than recommended
  • Service runs all month

Liberty metered plans

When unlimited data isn’t available, Viasat still helps you connect with traditional satellite services through three Liberty Plans, formerly from Exede internet service.

  • Monthly allowances of 12, 30, or 80 GB
  • Free Bonus Zone every day from 3am to 8am
  • Service runs all month, even if you exceed your data use

All plans

Viasat Wi-Fi comes automatically included so you can use internet all through your home, not just the single computer plugged into your modem.

  • Get internet access from any room in the house
  • Connect phones, tablets, smart TVs, and smart assistants
  • Use with Viasat Browser to block ads and proactively save on data

Add Voice to Viasat satellite internet

Bundle Viasat Voice home phone service with your internet service. Voice offers unlimited local and long distance calling, plus popular features including voicemail, call waiting, caller ID—and even call forwarding to your cell phone. Plus, save $10/mo. for your first 6 months.

Check out Voice phone service
How Viasat Works How Viasat Works

How does Viasat internet work?

Example: scrolling through Instagram on your phone

  1. You tap to open Instagram on your phone.
  2. The data request goes out. Your phone sends a digital request to your Viasat Wi-Fi modem, then to your satellite dish, then out to space. The satellite receives the request and beams it to a Viasat internet ground station, then to Instagram’s servers.
  3. The data comes back in. Instagram serves up the requested code and passes it back to your phone along the same path.
  4. Your Instagram feed loads.
  5. The process repeats every time you load another photo, video, or story.

What can I do with Viasat internet?

House icon

Run your household

Check account balances and move money around. Order grocery staples in bulk. Search Amazon for that hair product no one else carries.

Camera icon

Get in touch

Video call your daughter. See what your friends and acquaintances posted this morning. Check in with your boss, co-workers, or partners.

Desktop icon

Rest and relax

Listen to your favorite true crime podcast. Stream a comedy to unwind from work. Beat the next level on your favorite phone game.

Laptop icon

Pursue your passions

Analyze plays on the message boards. Download articles, ebooks, and audiobooks. Stream video tutorials on cooking with fresh herbs.

Schoolwork icon

Do schoolwork

Help the kids or grandkids solve their math problems. Take your next quiz or test from a cushy recliner, not a hard library chair.

Webpage icon

Browse smarter

Use the Viasat Browser for more privacy, fewer ads, and automatic data-saving features over a Viasat satellite internet connection.