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Learn About Exede Internet

Exede Internet is now Viasat. The same Exede satellite internet service current customers have come to know and love now falls under the Viasat name, and is only getting better. With continued investment in technology innovations, Viasat is aiming to consistently improve the speed and quality of internet service.

Viasat Internet service (formerly Exede) is available for both business and residential customers. As Viasat, Exede satellite internet covers eight out of ten locations in the United States, bringing high-speed internet to rural and hard-to-reach areas underserved by other providers. From farms and ranches to remote vacation homes and rural businesses of all types, the continually improving Viasat broadband internet service will live up to your expectations with Exede.

What is Exede?

Launched in 2012, Exede internet currently serves more than 600,000 customers throughout the United States. Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is powered by Viasat's satellite network, including the ViaSat-1 satellite, which, at the time of its launch, held the Guinness record for the world's highest capacity communications satellite.

As a satellite internet provider, Viasat (formerly Exede) reaches areas that other internet service providers ignore, offering high speeds previously unavailable via satellite internet. Depending upon your area, plans are available providing download speeds as high as 100 Mbps. Just like Exede offered flexible plans, Viasat offers unlimited data plans in select areas or Liberty Plans, which don't charge you for going over your monthly data allowance.

Beginning in December of 2017, the Exede brand name was retired along with the Wildblue brand, bringing all three satellite internet services under the Viasat umbrella.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Viasat?

Viasat is a global communications company offering satellite internet and based in Carlsbad, CA. Through its advanced satellite network, internet is beamed directly into the home, creating high-speed internet access for homes and businesses in areas not served by traditional internet providers. Viasat high-speed internet is available in all 50 states covering 98% of the population.

Are Exede and Viasat the same company?

Exede Internet is now Viasat. Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is powered by Viasat's satellite network, including the ViaSat-1 satellite.

Does the change affect my Exede internet service?

It does not. Viasat has always powered the Exede internet service, so for customers the only change is the name on the bill!

How does the change affect my current service plan?

It does not. Your current service plan will remain the same. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to other Viasat plans as well.

What happens to MyExede?

Your MyExede login information remains the same. For a limited time you’ll still be able to access your account at, but be sure to bookmark our new portal,

Do I keep my email?

You can if you like! Your email addresses will not be affected.

What internet speeds are available through Viasat?

Viasat Internet has four plan choices for residential customers and 35 Mbps metered broadband services available for business customers. The download speeds available for residential customers range from the 12 Mbps Unlimited Bronze 12 plan to the 100 Mbps Unlimited Platinum 100 plan available in some areas, with the Unlimited Silver 25 plan and its 25 Mbps download speeds recommended for most households.

What does “unlimited data” from Viasat mean?

Viasat’s unlimited data service plans do not have a monthly data allowance, and the amount of data you use will not affect your service speeds unless the network is congested. Each plan has a data usage threshold—once you exceed this threshold, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion, resulting in slower speeds.

What Viasat plans are available in my area?

You can find out what plans are available in your area by visiting our plans and pricing page and entering your zip code.

Customer Reviews


I’ve been very happy with Viasat Internet service and the contact people when I need to speak to someone…see more » are super friendly and know what they are talking about! I’ve used their service now for over 2 years and had them twice before when they were Wild Blue and Exede but now Viasat…I’m a happy internet customer. Thank you Wild Blue, Exede, and Viasat for making living in the country a lot better!


I was with the big cable company for internet for decades and moved to the country where they don’t do…see more » service. We searched for a satellite service and we were SO lucky to find Exede (Viasat)! They have terrific satellite service, improving all the time, and their plans are increasing which works perfect for us.


I have been an Exede (Viasat) customer for 5.5 months with NO issues. We are happy with the service we have…see more » received and the performance of the internet & phone. It is not perfect but no system is. Even the service we had in town had issues. We actually had a lot more problems in town than we have had since moving to the country. Thank you, Exede!