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25 Mbps Satellite Internet Speed

Easily meet your online necessities and monthly budget with a basic Viasat satellite internet plan.

Is 25 Mbps fast internet?

25 Mbps satellite internet service accommodates small households or individual internet users that operate between 1-3 devices daily. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 25 Mbps download speed with 3 Mbps upload speed  is considered “high speed” internet. 

A 25 Mbps connection allows for basic internet activity, such as 1080p HD video streaming. Larger households and more devices require a faster speed. With 25 Mbps satellite internet speed, you’ll easily be able to carry out daily tasks and pastimes, including:

  • Light 4k video streaming

  • Email

  • Instant web page downloads

  • Music streaming

One-Player Gaming

A 25 Mbps plan provides sufficient upload speeds for quality one-person gaming, particularly on mobile or smart devices. Your game should run smoothly no matter where you play in your home.

Video Streaming

25 Mbps internet speed streams HD and 4k videos. Watch Netflix or YouTube on one central device without worrying about buffering or interruptions.

Working From Home

Set up your one-person office easily with 25 Mbps. Search the web, share files, and send emails with virtually uninterrupted internet access. Your satellite internet will also support web conferencing on one device.

Where 25 Mbps internet stands

25 Mbps is a good launching point for internet service, settling comfortably in the space between too fast and too slow. Those who consider their internet activity light or moderate will find 25 Mbps internet reliable. 

25 Mbps may be on the slower side if you have more than 3 web-enabled devices to support. Activities involving gaming with multiple devices, constant HD video and content streaming, and heavy file downloading or sharing will likely require a faster internet speed.

Support your streaming activity with 25 Mbps

25 Mbps is the recommended speed for basic streaming like watching movies on Netflix or keeping current with online news sources. However, if there are more than a handful of devices operating at once under the same roof, it may weigh heavily on your bandwidth and, on certain networks, subject you to possible overage charges. 

For the right sized household, 25 Mbps satellite internet delivers crystal clear video resolution and buffer-free Spotify playlists all day, every day. With the right speed, you can focus on streaming the things you enjoy.

The perfect internet speed is out there

Finding the right internet speed can be tricky—a lot of factors go into nailing down the proper bandwidth for your particular household. You don’t want your speed to come up short and be unable to support your connected devices. But you also don’t want too much bandwidth—why pay for speed you don’t need?

To find out where your needs lie, check out the chart below for a breakdown of different internet speeds and their capabilities.

Download speedRecommended activitiesConnected devicesStreaming resolution
12 MbpsEmail, banking, shopping, Wi-Fi, and light social media1–2360p
25 MbpsSocial media, music streaming, and occasional video streaming or video calls1–3480p
30 MbpsWorking from home, light HD video streaming, and light video calling1–4720p
50 MbpsHD video streaming, video conferencing, and light mobile gaming1–4720p
100 MbpsHousehold tasks, work, and entertainment on multiple devices1–5+1080p

Get More Out of Your Satellite Internet

Viasat internet sends and receives data through carefully positioned satellites orbiting in space, surpassing limitations shared by other internet providers. 

Because satellite internet signals are transmitted through the air, Viasat is able to service rural areas other companies cannot reach. It’s also available in more populated cities across the US, and can often present a more budget-friendly option than cable or fiber internet plans.

Viasat EasyCare

Protecting your satellite internet service is so much easier with Viasat EasyCare. With it, get network service calls free of charge, access to the priority customer support line, and an annual dish relocation at a discounted rate.2

Viasat Shield Premium

No matter what internet speed you have, protect your privacy with Viasat Shield Premium. The cutting-edge app blocks malicious software, notifies you of potential threats, and prevents cyberattacks to maintain comprehensive protection.

*Viasat Shield application is available for iPhone with iOS v9.0 or higher and for Android with v4.1 or higher. Viasat Shield application is not supported on tablets. Your monthly service fee for Viasat Shield Premium is billed by and paid to Viasat. After you activate Viasat Shield Premium, it may take up to 40-hours for the premium features to be activated on your account. Optional antivirus service is provided by Bitdefender SRL and is subject to Bitdefender SRL’s license agreement, privacy policy and terms of use.

Viasat Browser

Viasat provides an advanced browser that uses artificial intelligence to actively study the web pages you visit in order to download them more quickly—all while protecting your privacy. Get the browser for any Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

2Cancellation of EasyCare within 90 days after purchase may result in charges for EasyCare services previously received. Re-enrollment in EasyCare may be restricted for up to 180 days after cancellation. EasyCare features are subject to the terms and conditions of the Viasat EasyCare Plan Addendum to your Customer Agreement.

3Depending on the specific unlimited data service plan available at your location, after you use the following amount of High-Speed Data, you will continue to receive unlimited data (referred to as “Standard Data”); however, Viasat may prioritize Standard Data behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds: Basic 12 (15 GB); Bronze 12 (35 GB, 40 GB or 80 GB); Silver 12 (45 GB); Gold 12 (65 GB); Bronze 25 (35 GB); Silver 25 (60 GB, 100 GB or 120 GB); Gold 30 (100 GB or 200 GB); Gold 50 (100 GB or 200 GB), Platinum 30 (150 GB ), Platinum 50 (150 GB) and Platinum 100 (150 GB or 300 GB). Speeds are up to and will vary. is an authorized retailer of Viasat. Viasat logos are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks of Viasat. and/or its affiliate(s). The Viasat trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks are used under license of Viasat and/or its affiliate(s). 5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way, Ste 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

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