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Surf better with the Viasat Browser

Viasat’s web browser offers the best possible user experience on Viasat home internet.

  • Up to 3x faster than competing browsers

  • Data-saving for satellite internet users

  • FREE to download and use

Viasat’s internet browser puts users first

The Viasat Browser prioritizes speed, data savings, and security above business goals.

Browsers are the original way of experiencing the internet, and they’re still a daily tool for many. Unfortunately, most browsers clog your internet experience with data-heavy ads and mine your internet traffic at the expense of your privacy.

Viasat knew there was a better way, so it built a new browser on Google’s Chromium engine. The Viasat Browser offers privacy protection, faster webpage downloads, and data-saving features to satellite internet customers—and anyone else looking for a better way to surf the web.

Up to 3x faster than other browsers

On a Viasat internet connection, the Viasat Browser is the fastest way to surf the internet—even faster than Chrome. The secret: preventing graphics and video from pre-loading, resulting in a cleaner, ad-free interface that conserves your data.

More private and secure

In addition to blocking ads for faster speeds, the Viasat Browser blocks malware to protect your online sessions—and your whole device. Plus, it never links your online activity to your identity to target you for ads, the way most browsers do.

Smart enough to learn new tricks

An app with machine learning built into the code, the Viasat Browser teaches itself to serve better results and optimize settings based on input from users. The more it learns, the better it gets at its job, resulting in faster speeds and more data saved.

Available on all types of devices

The Viasat Browser works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to give you better flexibility. It’s available on both 32- and 64-bit desktop operating systems and is even compatible with Linux OSes for those passionate about open-source tech.

How to download the Viasat Browser

Visit your device’s app store to download the app and read Viasat web browser reviews from fellow users.

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